How Did The Market Revolution Make Effective Change By The American System

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Effective Change by the American System

Daniel Blackburn
Bethel University
U.S. History I: HIS2000
Donald Hornbuckle
February 26th, 2023

Effective Change by the American System
The American System introduced significant changes in the American way of living. Driving the Market Revolution, the American System changed social life, the economy, and politics in the United States, some for better and some for worse. Newly developed transportation systems and the introduction of factories in America brought great economic change and challenges. Politics in America became extremely partisan, with differing ideas of how much power the federal government should have and how to decide liberties. Opposition to the American System forced other …show more content…

The Market Revolution prompted the establishment of new social classes with the introduction of factories and increased immigration. Other social changes happened in the wake of growing cities and increased populations throughout the country. Immigrants and women experienced some of the most significant changes in societal acceptance during this period. Social constructs limiting women as domestic servants to the family melted away as families realized the need for additional income for the family (Sellers, 1991). Given most of society's poor opinion of their actions, immigrants' social status suffered. Most immigrants arriving to work in the factories came from Germany and Ireland. American society began to frown on drinking, which turned out as something the Irish participated in on a regular basis (Sellers, 1991). This massive influx of immigrants pushed the urbanization of America since they required housing close to factories. Additionally, the market revolution brought about different social classes due to the status of people, whether workers, merchants, business owners, or educated professionals. Most people found changes in societal norms allowing for increased income and more free time for leisure …show more content…

With Ely Whitney's invention of the cotton gin, cotton farming drove several changes. Cotton farmers could grow more cotton, considering processing cotton became more efficient with the cotton gin (Schultz, 2013). This change drove increases in land use, the establishment of additional farms, and a sharp increase in the use of enslaved people. These additional farms increased the wealth of southern farmers but caused several environmental problems considering the additional land clearing required to open fields and the soil damage caused by overuse. Social life for enslaved people dropped to inhumane levels, given that enslavers believed social interaction among enslaved people could lead to rebellion and insurrection due to several slave

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