Results Of The Market Revolution In The United States

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The Market Revolution in the United States originated in the South and then in the north and was a big change in the system of how the laborers worked. The common trade started to become outdated due to the new discoveries of transportation. The North began to gain a more powerful economy as a result of the Market Revolution. The Market Revolution changed farming to become more large-scale farming with cash. Immigration and the growing cities was a result of the Market Revolution. The Market Revolution scared a lot of people due to the economic downturns. With the growth of large-scale domestic manufacturing, trade within the United States increased, and dependence on foreign imports declined. The dependence on the foreign imports decreased …show more content…

Some methods of transportation include roads, rails and canals, which increased transportation. Resources that helped create the new transportation method came from the federal government, state governments, and private investors. The first highway that was built by the federal government was the National Road. The National Road connected west to the eastern countries. In 1815, the National Road started to be built in Cumberland, Maryland. The next method of transportation was the Erie Canal, which was built through 1817-1825. The Erie Canal went through New York City to the western part of the United States. The canal helped cut the cost of transporting goods by truck by 95 percent and was one of the reasons why New York City was wealthy. The expansion of railroads during the mid-nineteenth century caused the canals to come to an end. Railroads contributed to a scheduled mode of transportation yearly. Railroads were an alternate to water routes because they were a less dangerous approach of transportation. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which was built in 1830,connected the port of Baltimore to the Ohio River. Settlers moved west quickly due to the aid of The Pacific Railway Act of

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