F Scott Fitzgerald Accomplishments

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Authors have the ability to create stories that will change the world and impact the readers for generations. F. Scott Fitzgerald died believing he was a failure and that his stories would amount to nothing. Fitzgerald didn’t realize that his stories would change the way we viewed events in the world and those people who influenced his writing. His writings will continued to be remembered as timeless classics that changed the world. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896, in St. Paul, MN to Mary McQuillan and Edward Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was the pride and joy of his parents as a child. He attended the St. Paul Academy, where he saw his first piece of writing published in the school newspaper. (Biography.com, 2015) When …show more content…

The novel was never published but did receive promising reviews from a publishing company. He moved back to St. Paul in order to revise the novel and eventually produced , This Side of Paradise. The novel was quick to receive reviews of praise and turned Fitzgerald into one of the country’s most promising young writers. He adapted quickly to his celebrity status and began an extravagant lifestyle. He had made a name for himself as a prominent playboy and weakened his chances at becoming a serious writer. In order his lifestyle he began to write short stories for popular publications such as The Saturday Evening Post and Esquire. His most popular short stories were “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “The Camel’s Back,” and “The Last of the Belles.” (Biography.com, …show more content…

(Biography.com, 2015) “It was an age of miracles,” Fitzgerald wrote, “it was an age of art, it was an age of excess, and it was an age of satire.” Fitzgerald moved to France in 1924, it was there, in Valescure, that he wrote what would be known as his greatest literary achievement, The Great Gatsby. Narrated by Nick Carraway, the neighbor of the wealthy Jay Gatsby, the story follows Nick and Gatsby’s odd friendship and Gatsby’s pursuit of a married woman named Daisy. Their adventures lead to Gatsby’s exposure as a bootlegger and ultimately his death. The Great Gatsby embodied every aspect of the Jazz Age and has become known as one of the greatest American novels ever written. (Biography.com,

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