Fahrenheit 451 A Ruined Society

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Faber’s Recipe for a Ruined Society Can you remember a time when you did not need to be entertained by technology? Perhaps a thought provoking book, some down time, or a simple day can bring you back to feeling this way. In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury society is ruined by the overuse of technology. Guy Montag lives in a futuristic society where everyone is consumed by technology, including his wife Mildred who can not even remember where she met him. He is a fireman but instead of putting fires out he starts them. Books are banned and being caught with one could have fatal results. Montag meets a girl names Clarisse that is not controlled by the rules, and she opens his mind up to new ideas. Montag has a friend named Faber …show more content…

In the book society is very focused to speed. Cars are made to drive so fast that the drivers cannot even see billboards so they had to make them two-hundred-feet-long. Also a green blur on the side of the road is probably a large patch of grass, but no one takes time to notice it. They never have any time to reflect and challenge the concepts they are faced with everyday. Children’s schedules in the book are filled to the brim. The children have so little time to be creative and play together. When they are home they are put right in front of the parlor walls, so their time too can be filled with artificial entertainment. They have no time to think or question important ideas. Clarisse is an example of what can happen if you do have leisure time to think. Clarisse had lots of time to digest her thoughts and creatively think. Her parents and uncle sit around in the house and talk in the middle of the night. In this society it is so unusual to walk around or have a real conversation with someone. Everyone else at this time of night is probably watching the parlor walls or getting their blood drained by novice technicians. It is not living to do and think the same things everyday. Others may say that not having any leisure time is good because people would not have the opportunity to be bored. I think boredom is a beneficial thing. Being bored boosts creativity and can force you to discover new things about yourself. Because they do not have free time to reflect and think, they cannot apply anything they have

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