Fahrenheit 451 Panic Analysis

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At the beginning of the book, we witness Montag entering a stage of panic. We see Montag suffering a panic attack, where rush thinking attacks him mentally and physically. For, the character Montag this would be the first time experiences such a rush of thinking. This marks an important event in Montag's life. After suffering this panic attack, Bradbury allows us to see Montag thinking more clearly and listening to his surroundings more. Bradbury expresses this event is the start of Montag changing mentally, a show of Montag's character growth.

After seeing Mildred, Montag’s wife tries to commit suicide and sees Clarisse’s family laugh with true joy “not forced in any way”. This makes Montag’s thoughts clash with other thoughts. “One drop of rain”, though. “One drop of rain. Mildred,” …show more content…

During his panic attack, he felt fear and panic, “which is a new feeling to him, since he never truly felt anything. By the end of his panic attack, he knows nothing anymore”. Bradbury allows this event to change Montag to open his mind to think more clearly and see things he never saw before. The next day, Montag wakes up asking Mildred if “you are alright?” Bradbury lets us see a change in Montag, he cares for Mildred. Something new to Montag since his relationship with Mildred is always dead. When heading for work, he sees Clarrise walking in the rain. "I don't think I'd like that” (19) Montag claims this because he thinks Clarrise is crazy. After Clarrise leaves, “slowly, as he walked, he tilted his head back in the rain, for just a few moments, and opened his mouth” (21). Bradbury shows how Montag has changed. The irony of Montag claiming Clarrise is crazy for liking the taste of rain, then him following the same steps. Montag is now more open and does things he never thought about doing. Bradbury shows this is the start of Montag's character development, Montag being “crazy” like

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