Fahrenheit 451 Quotes

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“A book is a loaded gun in the house next door… Who knows who might be the target of the well-read man” as said by author Ray Bradbury. Ray Bradbury, is the author of the novel Fahrenheit 451. Books were a dangerous thing in the 2053 dystopian society of which Fahrenheit 451 is based. Many things are reversed from how things are today. For example, firefighters do not put out fires anymore, they start them. Main character Guy Montague is the first person we are introduced to. One night as he was walking home, when he walked past curious teenager Clarisse. Clarisse is different from the other teenagers like her, because she tends to question things that happen in society that maybe she should not. The more Montague talked to Clarisse, the more it made him question too. Early in the book …show more content…

The house they go to is an old woman’s who has been hiding books. The lady felt life was not worth living without having the knowledge of literature, so she chooses to go up in flames along with all of her books. This is when we really notice Montague does have something to do with books when he takes some from her house. Later on we find out that Montague has been hiding books in his vent. Montague didn’t show up for work one day, so Captain Beatty pays him a visit letting him know that at some point all firefighters become curious about the point behind their daily job. Mildred ends up sitting down and reading with Montague, but she doesn’t seem to keep interest and doesn’t feel it is important. After trying to read all the books, Montague looks to Faber for help since he was an english professor. The two then discuss and form a plan to plant books in the other firefighter’s houses. Faber then gives him, what we would call a “bluetooth” speaker, but an earpiece so Faber can hear what he is hearing. While Montague has the ear piece in, Mildred has two friends over whose husbands are at

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