Fahrenheit 451 Social Media Analysis

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The most important aspect of modern life that Bradbury got wrong was that he predicted society to become ultimately desensitized and that ridding of our favorite aspects of life would fly under the radar. Because of social media and smartphones, citizens have become hyper sensitized to anything and everything. Rather than pushing things away and ignoring all emotion, we freak out and over analyze things that happen, and this is amplified by social media. Rather than becoming desensitized like the citizens in Bradbury 's future, we have become over sensitive and are offended in some way by almost everything that is said or done. We are able to access these things by social media, which is a great platform to grieve in great detail why the thing …show more content…

Phelps’ husband pete was drafted to go into war, instead of giving it any thought she says “‘I’m not worried’ ‘I’ll let Pete do all the worrying’” (Bradbury 94). Today, immediately after something happens, such as a war being declared, it is discussed on multiple news networks and almost instantly plastered across the internet. This is a great opportunity for viewers to discuss amongst themselves about many things that are completely irrelevant and they are able to express their own bias and opinions. This leads to people over analyzing events and people and talking about them so much they are making no progress with the dissection.In “Civilities: The current rage about ‘political correctness’ is both wrong and rude”, the author says that after he wrote about ‘Mx.’ , an alternative title for those who do not identify as Mr, Mrs., or Ms, “One reader quickly e-mailed me: ‘Why [are you] advocating Mx. for everyone?’ - as if i had hit the delete key for ‘Mr.’ ‘Mrs.’ and ‘Ms.’” This goes to show that while someone was attempting to be sensitive and respectful toward a certain group of people, someone was still offended and took things the wrong way, because the reader over-analyzed the situation as is very common in our

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