Family And Hierarchy

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Family and Hierarchy in Kurdistan
As the origins of the word family is going back to the Latin word Familia meaning “servants of a household” or the slaves who belong to a man, the meaning of the word family may differ from a group of people to another. Apparently, hierarchy has always been one of the imperative aspects of family, and its type has changed according to the different cultural and educational backgrounds. Hence, the way that family and hierarchy function in the Kurdish communities will be examined within this research paper. Since there are two different definitions of family one of them which is common among the conservatives is a group of people who are arranged in a hierarchical structure in which the father or the oldest …show more content…

To specify, when the human binges started building states and getting away from the Paleolithic structure of life, and they started thinking about retaining property from a generation to another, hierarchical structure of life started to widespread around the world gradually hundreds of years ago. (Engels 9-11) As of this, human societies’ became hierarchical in most of the sectors, such as working sectors, ruling sectors, and family structure. This is characterized as the starting point of hierarchy within the …show more content…

Patriarchy is a concept which Oxford Dictionary defines as “a society, system or country that is ruled or controlled by men”(oxford) this definition basically explains the meaning that patriarchy is a system in which men are in power, but it does not necessarily need to be a country or city. It also applies to the families that are ruled by men, and females are the last ones who could be asked in the decision makings. As in the book (----------) Engels says that “the overthrow of mother right was the world-historic defeat of the female sex”(book) he basically implying that after the end of matrilineal, the rights of women and females were gone and controlled by the males. Additionally, Joseph divides patriarchy into different categories such as economical patriarchy and religious patriarchy (arab). Economical patriarchy means that in the families men are the ones who make money while women are seen as the secondary sources even if they work harder and gain more than the man. Religious patriarchy means children supposed to follow their father’s religion which teaches children to follow their fathers and obey them from their

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