Family Loyalty In The Chosen By Chaim Potok

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Family roots reach deep into the soul of an individual, taking hold and rarely loosening their grip. Fierce loyalty characterizes families, specifically those who spend time bonding with one another. Families who love Jesus exhibit Christ-like traits when interacting with one another. Usually, when a problem surfaces, families either overlook it or work through it. Family loyalty varies in the different ways people express themselves and the ways the family shows love. In The Chosen, written by Chaim Potok, the two main characters Danny Saunders and Reuven Malter respect their families, even when their family members display some very obvious flaws. The characterizing traits of family loyalty are respect, love, and forgivingness.

Respect is a tremendous aspect of family loyalty. Without this glue, families would fall apart or be more distant with one another. A father figure who commands respect leads the family in a common purpose, and usually earns the admiration and trust of his family through this. In The Chosen, Danny's father Isaac Saunders, more commonly known as Reb, leads his family, and also his people by commanding respect and gaining admiration. "'He's more than a rabbi.' Danny said. 'He's a tzaddik'"(118) Even when Reb commanded Danny not to associate with his best friend for …show more content…

Danny's father ignores him throughout the entire story, only directly speaking to him at the very end of the book, but Danny is able to maintain his respect for his father because he loves him. "'I thought you said your father never talks to you.' 'He doesn't'"(116) Because of his respect and love for his father, Danny tries to comprehend his father's method of raising him instead of deciding to hate him because of it. Love for Reb Saunders perseveres throughout, even if it is a blind love because of the respect and awe he feels for his father. Love enables families to overcome differences to create

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