Family Relationships In Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees

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It has often been said that once you spend enough time with someone and create a strong bond with them, you end up becoming very close and considering them family. What has also been said is that we find friendships when we need it most. As important as family is in real life, it is often shown that in literature, authors use this concept to offer a clear understanding on how close an individual can get to someone within months. Barbara Kingsolver demonstrates the importance of family through Taylor in her novel The Bean Trees, as she creates strong relationships on her way through life. In the beginning of the novel, Kingsolver indicates significance of family through the main character Taylor. She mentions that “...[she] stamped [her] foot and told [her] own mother not to call [her] Marietta but Miss Marietta… so she did from …show more content…

Taylor is making closer and closer connections with the people around her as she tries to make Turtle open up to her once again after she was molested. Taylor was trying so hard to make everything perfect for her, but in reality “[a]ll you can promise is that you’ll take care of [her] the best you can...and just hope for the best” (226). All this time Taylor has tried to show Turtle that she can protect her from the world. Throughout the traumatic experiences they both went through, this eventually brought Taylor and Turtle closer than ever before. It got to the point where she would do anything for her, even when it came to the government's attention that “[she] had no legal claim to Turtle” (233). She went out of her way to travel all the way to Oklahoma to drive two of her closest illegal friends to a safe house and try to find any of Turtles relatives so she can gain legal papers to keep her. Throughout the entire novel she starts many close relationships and considers them

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