Family Tree Short Story

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The family tree
Sarah Salway

It is not a nice feeling, to feel left out. Exceptionally not when it is in your family,
The main character, Annie in this essay “family tree” by Sarah Salway has been feeling left out since she was little. Annie has a 3 year older sister named Susie, they both look alot alike and they are even ageing the same way. Because Susie is older she is a bit ahead of Annie, we hear that Annie used to find it annoying but know that they are older she is not bothered. Which is probably because she is aging: “Susie’s one step ahead though, being three years older. It used to annoy Annie that she would never catch up. These days she’s not so bothered.”
Annie feels very disconnected from her family, and exceptionally from her mom and dad. She has never seen them as separate people, she even mention that she used to wish her father was dead, so her mother would love her more: “I used to lie in bed sometimes and wish he’d die so she’d love me more.”
She really want to feel loved by her mother and she feel like the only way that will ever happen is if her dad dies.
Annie is described as a very cautious and careful, she is careful with her words and doesn 't say directly what 's on her mind. Instead det hber sig op i hende:
“‘Spose not, but since when has that stopped him?” Susie asks. “He’s always spoken for her, hasn’t he? Started everything with ‘your mum thinks...’.”
“Your mum thinks that skirt is too short.”
“Your mum thinks you’re not working hard
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