Fashion In The 1920's

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I have chosen fashion from the 1920’s. I have always loved this era just because of the fashion. This was the era of the “roaring 20s” or “flappers” if you like that better. Bustles and corsets were thrown out the window and this gave designers more freedom to express themselves and create a new style. According to Scott (2012) “women dressing in the new and colorful fabrics echoed the joy felt by a war weary population following the end of hostilities” (1920 's Women’s Fashions and Changing Lifestyles section, para. 2). The dresses became lighter in weight (because of less fabric) and shorter than most of the dresses in the past years. According to Scott (2012) “fashion designers played with fabric colors, textures and patterns to create totally new styles of dress” (1920 's…show more content…
This increased the demand for dresses in particular, with silk and rayon hosiery not far behind.” (1920 's Women’s Fashions and Changing Lifestyles section, para. 3) Fashion became such an icon because it almost gave women empowerment. According to (“514 BROADWAY,” n.d.) “clothing changed with women’s changing roles in modern society, particularly with the idea of freedom for women” (FASHION IN THE 1920s section, para. 2). For the first time in history women did not feel so trapped. They had a little bit of freedom to do whatever they pleased. Society still tried to get women to wear conservative clothing. According to (“514 BROADWAY,” n.d.), “Although society matrons of a certain age continued to wear conservative dresses, forward-looking and younger women now made sportswear into the greatest change in post-war fashion. The tubular dresses of the ’Teens had evolved into a similar silhouette that now sported shorter skirts with pleats, gathers, or slits to allow motion to rule women’s fashion for the first time in history.” (FASHION IN THE 1920s section,
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