Fate Of Fate In Hamlet

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Hamlet: the story of a prince who solely wants to revenge his father’s murder at the hands of his uncle. In the end, Hamlet succeeds in completing his goal, but at the price of his own life immediately following Claudius’ death. Throughout the play there were several points where Hamlet could have killed his uncle without facing immediate repercussions, however, fate intervened and caused Hamlet to delay killing Claudius until the very last second. Fate also had a role in shaping Hamlet’s fatal flaw throughout the play. Because of fate’s interference in his life, Hamlet falls victim to his fatal flaw, his inability to act, thus causing him to delay in killing Claudius, ultimately creating the perfect scenario for fate to right the wrongs of Hamlet’s father through Hamlet’s own death. …show more content…

After the sighting of the ghost, Shakespeare introduces a grieving Hamlet, and the happy couple, Claudius and Gertrude. Claudius gives a rousing speech to the court which creates a supporting group for his rule, yet he still can not get Hamlet to fall in line with the rest of the crowd. Old Hamlet’s murder still preoccupies Hamlet’s mind, so Claudius decides to take a drastic measure to win Hamlet to his side. Claudius states to the entire court and Hamlet that, “[He is] the most immediate to our throne, and with no less nobility of love than that which dearest father bears his son do I impart to [him]” (Hamlet 1.2 113-116). By naming Hamlet as his heir, Claudius sets up the ending of the play perfectly. Since Hamlet becomes the king of Denmark after Claudius’ death at the end of the play, Hamlet can give the throne to Fortinbras, thus fulfilling his fate of righting the wrongs of his

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