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Nick Martel Mrs. Schmit English 11 November 4, 2017 Doubt What is doubt? According to google “a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.” Father Flynn is accused of a sexual relationship with a young boy named Donald, a young African american boy new to the school. Sister Aloysius does not like Father Flynn and she believes that he is up to no good and wrong doing. Sister Aloysius accuse Father Flynn of sexually abusing Donald. Based on the evidence in Patrick Shanley’s play. I think Father Flynn is guilty based on his weird behavior around Donald and not telling the truth. First, I believe that Father Flynn’s weird behaviors point to his guilt. Sister James shares concern for Donald with Sister Aloysius. She reports that Donald returned from the rectory with the smell of alcohol on his breath and that he just put his head down on his desk. When Sister Aloysius …show more content…

Sister James believes that Father Flynn is innocent and that he is protecting Donald. She argues that Sister Aloysius just doesn’t like Father Flynn: “You just don’t like him … And you’re letting that convince you of something terrible!” (Shanley 35). Sister James thinks that Father Flynn is being a friend to Donald and that he is being truthful about his innocence. She also thinks that Sister Aloysius is being mean and doesn’t like Father Flynn for the way he runs the school. But in fact, Father Flynn did have a private conversation with Donald that did involve alcohol. Father Flynn even admits to Donald having alcohol: “Mr. McGinn caught him in the sacristy drinking altar wine. When I found out, I sent for him” (Shanley 33). Father Flynn admits to meeting with Donald and proceeds to make up a story, knowing that Donald won’t tell on him. I believe that Father Flynn manipulates the situation with Donald to take advantage of the young boy. In my opinion, Father Flynn’s behavior is strange and he leaves the church to run from Sister’s Aloysius’

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