Federalist Paper 10 And 51: Ratification Of The United States

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Federalist Paper 10 & 51
Jyla Miller
Coach Hill (Ph.d)
AP Government
September 22, 2014 Discuss Federalist Paper
The federalist papers are a combination of 85 essays written to urge the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. They were written and released in the 1870s to all 13 states. In order for the constitution to be ratified nine out of thirteen had to be approved. These papers were weighed under the pseudonym “Publius”. This was done to persuade to the states that the proposed system would preserve the Union and empower the federal government.
James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay were the main masterminds behind the federalist papers. Soon after in 1788 these papers where compiled into a book in which they used rhetorical devices and propaganda. Hamilton was afraid that tyrants would over through the states’ rights and would eventually individual liberties. Basically the liberalist didn’t want the government to fail and the British to over through them again. He wanted a government with a congress that had a legislation that can veto the president and have judicial reviews. …show more content…

But there essay were not really read then they are a widely read today. They were established to gain votes for a new constitution but it was also to inform the people of what would happen.

Discuss Essay 10 In essay #10 Madison felt that there is no possible way to equally connect the states. He felt that everyone will follow their own crowd and want to do like people they feel are different. The people who prosper more will own more land than people who work minimum jobs. He also felt it was still mandatory that there were laws to keep the diversity in check. Although at the time gender and race where on to separate battle field, life was said to be equalized by the #10

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