Comparing Miss Havisham In The Intended And The Savage Queen

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From its very beginning, the genre of the novel developed in literature with the intent of describing fictional human experiences built in an imaginary world, but that can be based upon a true story, as they always enclose a slight realism. In the novels, female characters are portrayed in many different ways. In the books analyzed, these females are not the protagonists of the tales, however, they are described, more or less, as influential women, who have significant roles in the evolving of the stories; in particular, their function in the narrative is crucial and it shifts from supportive and inspirational to adversary and puzzling. The actions that these women take, the words they say and the connections they make, have the power to influence the protagonist’s thoughts and shape the novel. Both Great …show more content…

Speaking about one of the oddest figures in literature, Miss Havisham, there is a lot to say; from the day she was unluckily left at the altar by the man she loved, she never took her wedding dress off, kept only one shoe on and stopped all the clocks at twenty minutes to nine. Since then her life revolved around the pursue for revenge on the entire male gender. Miss Havisham was so obsessed by this thought that she adopted a girl, Estella, and used her to break men’s hearts and get the vengeance she wanted. For Pip, her character is an unconstructive example of a self-destructive pursue for revenge: not only she suffers because of her hunt, but also she is incapable to understand that she’s hurting others too, especially Pip and Estella. For this reason, Estella Havisham grew up to be a rigid manipulative unemotional woman who is not able to love because she was never taught how to do it. Miss Havisham objectifies her into a doll that can satisfy

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