Female Empowerment In The Sailor Moon

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“ I am the pretty sailor soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon. In the name of the moon, I will punish you!” This was the famous opening speech when the heroic Sailor Moon thwarting the villain 's plans, every girl and boy who was a fan of the anime or the manga knew something magical was about to happen. Naoko Takeuchi is the creator of the Sailor Moon manga series; the adaptation of the televised anime that featured Usagi Tsukino a regular schoolgirl that discovers she is a magical sailor guardian. The manga/anime features a strong group of female protagonists, they are more than a pretty group of girls but showcasing female empowerment. Sailor Moon was a progressive manga with their challenging of gender norms, that would influence other …show more content…

In addition to discussing Sailor Moon had a clear message of female empowerment, it also paves way for new animes taking some influence of Sailor Moon. Comparatively, an anime called Revolutionary Girl Utena, a pink haired girl in a mysterious academy, she was the boys uniform to look like a prince and to save princesses as well. She was once saved by a prince long ago, so she was moved by his kind act she vowed to become a prince herself. She is strong, athletic has many admirers. (Tv Tropes: Anime/Revolutionary Girl Utena). With different story plot and content of female romance, clearly influenced by Sailor Moon, as well for the familiarity of Haruka who does not conform to genders like Utena Tenjou. Another anime that defies gender roles at every turn is Cardcaptor Sakura it aired after Sailor Moon series, but the same premise of the plot with a teenage girl that finds she has the destiny to fulfill. She finds a mysterious book that contains magical cards that escape scattering all over her down. With the help of a small winged lion bear named Kerberos (Kero-chan) aids the new magical card captor Sakura Kinomoto. In the same respects Card Captors Sakura is like Sailor Moon a young girl, head in the clouds, a helpless romantic, and a hero who must save the world. Furthermore, another and las a cartoon that has been influenced by Sailor Moon is Steven Universe the newest cartoon on Cartoon Network created by Rebecca Sugar. Steven Universe is a unique take on the whole magical girl trope with the main character being a boy named Steven Universe unconventionally obtains his mother 's powers. He has 3 female guardians who are crystal gems aliens from another planet, meaning his mother was a crystal gem they were rebels from their homeworld. Rebecca Sugar has another way to challenge gender is when she created Steven, who is kind, sensitive, very likable also very heroic he is very much like Sailor Moon when he starts out and he has very much to learn about being a

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