Female Stereotypes In Gilmore Girls

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What are the typical female stereotypes shown on most tv sitcoms? The answer is a housewife whose sole purpose is to take care of the kids as the husband works. Not to mention, that women are displayed as unintelligent and always needing a man to solve their issues. However, the infamous program Gilmore Girls, shatters the stereotypical woman in the form of a single mother named Lorelai Gilmore. She lives in a small town called Stars Hallow with her teenage daughter Rory, and experiences many hardships that she must face on her own. Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls surpasses female gender roles by demonstrating the ability to problem solve, being a sole provider for Rory, and due to her resiliency.

Ms. Gilmore exhibits her capability to successfully problem solve in season three of Gilmore Girls. For example, when disaster strikes the Independence Inn during a convention, Lorelai must find a way to provide services for her guests. She tells right-hand lady Sookie and Michel “Okay phase two everybody, we need food, we need computers with internet, we need phones,” (“Tale …show more content…

For example, when Lorelai’s house gets infested with termites, she’s told it will cost $15,000 to get rid of the insects and fix her rotting home. Subsequently, Rory decides to go against her mother’s wishes and ask her grandparents for the money, Lorelai refuses to accept the money and says, “I appreciate the thought, but I don’t need your money” (“Secrets and Loans”). Although acting stubborn is a drawback, it’s a powerful indication of independence and self-growth. Similarly, Lorelai graduates from college with a business degree. “There’s our little graduate, look at that gown you look just like the statue of liberty,” says Sookie to Lorelai at the ceremony (“Lorelai’s Graduation Day”). Despite, Lorelai giving birth to Rory at a young age and having to raise her by herself she works towards

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