Femenista Jones's Argument Of Domestic Violence

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In this article written by Femenista Jones in Time magazine, she presents the issue of the disproportionate amount of domestic violence (DV) within Black culture compared to white culture. Being a Black woman, Ms. Jones uses her unique perspective from which to discuss this issue. The focus of her article presents a comprehensive look at the root causes of male-on-female intimate partner violence (IPV) within the Black community in the United States. In her short piece, she masterfully presents the topic and reinforces her conclusions with logical and rational theories. Being limited in space, she is not able to elaborate in depth upon many ideas. However, she manages to present a complete summary of the issue while supporting the most important…show more content…
The only significant flaw is that she does not define intimate partner violence specifically but rather uses the example of the professional football player hitting his fiancé until he was unconscious. This example only gives one aspect of IPV to the reader and can be misleading. By choosing this example and not elaborating on what IPV is, she leads the viewer to believe that it is only physical violence. However, it is an effective way of drawing attention and generating emotion within her audience to act because of the graphic nature of the event. The event, when viewed on television, does cause a significant impact on the viewer. It is very effective in achieving it’s point, but does not educate on the broader topic of IPV, only on the physical abuse of Black women by Black…show more content…
Spiritual beliefs within the community also affect the victim in that they traditionally push the victim to forgive and reconcile with their abuser. These spiritual beliefs are often seen as the real solution and discount mental health assistance. These spiritual beliefs inhibit the victim’s ability to seek out mental health assistance in dealing with their
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