Domestic Violence Problem Solution

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Domestic Violence Problem
Migdalia Villanueva
Kaplan University
Domestic violence is a crime that is faced in not only America but other countries across the globe. The overall purpose of this study is to show the impact domestic violence will not only have on the American society but also in other countries, I choose to look at the countries of Canada, Australia, England and Saudi Arabia The first pages of the essay illustrate the problems which have been faced in America because of the high increase in domestic violence rates. As portrayed in the essay, there are several problems which will be similar to the ones which encountered in the different countries that will be mentioned in the essay. The problems around the …show more content…

One in 6 Australian women have been subjected to sexual abuse with a current or a previous partner(aihw,2018). Evidence in Australia indicates that there is a greater consequences for mental health for women who are sexually abused by their partner so more money has to be allocated for mental health services , as well as welfare support ( aihw,2018). Psychologically and domestic violence in Australia, there are long term mental health consequences for victims of domestic violence. It can lead to post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression and other disorders, self-medicating, substance abuse, and suicide. Their health system train their practitioners to be on the look out for these disorders that have an impact on domestic violence victims in order to give them the help they need, as well refer them to specialized services to address safety concerns (aihw,2018).
Domestic Violence in the UK, will affect 1 in 4 women, it leads to an average of two women being murdered each week per year. It accounts for 16% of all violent crime, however like the countries I have research it is still the least likely violent crime to be report to police. It has more repeated victims, on average there will have been 35 assaults before the victim calls the police. It is the number one reason for becoming homeless …show more content…

It is the abuse of power from the abuser based on controlling behaviors towards their partners. In the UK, the abuse can be emotional, financial, sexual, physical or psychological. Normally, domestic abuse does escalates over time , and their victims may experience different types of abuse from the same person. Physical abuse is the most visible form of domestic abuse, what the abuser wants to do is to intimidate and cause fear. These assaults often start small, a shove or grabbing your wrist, but over time it will become worst. Most likely with other abusive behaviors, like emotional and verbal abuse Psychological, emotional, and mental abuse which are linked together, the abuser uses emotional abuse to wither away their partners self-esteem and reduce their confidence to increase their reliant on the abuser. Tactics such as criticism, intimidation, isolating them from their family and friends to gain control over them(Lwa,2018). The last country, I chose is Saudi Arabia. Women were the victims in 45 % of domestic violence cases filed in the last year with the Ministry of Justice. They were seeking protection from their abuser, they were physically abuse, financial abuse, their children taken away from them, sexual abuse, all tactics to control the

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