Feminism In The 1950's

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Feminism is not about making women gain strength, they are already strong, it is about changing the mindset of society. Women have the ability to achieve anything a man can, so why are women limited of their potential to succeed in life? The fifties was a time where the only ideal role for women in life was to become a housewife, because that is what the social norms were. With that case, there were many women that were dissatisfied and felt incomplete, since they had no voice and control over their life. During the 1950’s women faced patriarchal oppression which impacted their family life, job opportunities, and mental health. Initially, an American women during the 1950’s was expected to fit into the pretty picture of a housewife, by getting…show more content…
The goal for a women was to grow up and find a husband, have children, and live in the house caring for the family and doing housework, anything more was discouraged. Especially, the idea of women receiving a higher education and pursuing a career was frowned down upon in society, therefore many housewives were dissatisfied with their home life. Women faced an immense amount of pressure from society to fit in, which affected them psychologically. Women faced patriarchal oppression during the 1950’s which impacted their family life, opportunities, and mental health. Although women barely had a voice in their lives, some women stood up and spoke out about how the oppression negatively impacted their lives which changed the way society viewed housewives. There was not much progress for women, however, this did help women to continue to fight for their rights and equality decades later and continue to do so…show more content…
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