Figurative Language In Beloved

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"A young woman, about nineteen or twenty, and slender, she moved like a heavier one or an older one, holding on to furniture, resting her head in the palm of her hand as though it was too heavy for a neck alone" (66-67). Morrison uses imagery, similes and syntax to portray the girl that showed up in the front porch of 124 after Sethe, Denver and Paul D returned from the concert, to be the dead baby of Sethe, Beloved. In chapters three-five, Morison’s use of imagery of the girl named Beloved and the flash backs and descriptions of characters and events, more district dialogue between the characters, syntax and characterization in the novel, portray the theme of the haunting past. The girls to “rest her head in the pal of her hand as thought it was too heavy for a neck alone” reminded me of the baby Beloved that her …show more content…

The fully dressed woman that walks out of a stream is the reincarnation of Sethe's dead child or an actual living human who is inhabited by the spirit of her dead daughter. Although the human figure appeared to be a woman, she has characteristics of a baby such as she, “had new skin, lineless and smooth” (61), meaning that the girls skin was as smooth as a baby’s, and the girl moving by “holding on to furniture” (67) while she was walking portraying something that baby’s do to keep them balanced when they are learning how to walk. Beloved appears out of nowhere at 124 and appears to have travelled a long way to get there. Then she introduces herself and immediately Sethe starts thinking about the headstone of her dead child, “Engraved in her baby’s thumb

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