Figurative Language In Catch 22

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Language is crucial in communicating emotions and effects in literature. The language in Joseph Heller’s, Catch - 22, is no exception. In this case: diction, organization, and figurative language all contribute to successfully conveying Yossarians effect on Colonel Cathcart; both main characters in the satire. One of the most prominent language techniques used by Heller is diction. Words such as execrable and ugly provide insight as to how the Colonel fells about Yossarian, undoubtedly with a negative tone. While words such as terrifying, choking and stinging enable the reader to observe that the Colonel is just as fearful as he is disgusted by Yossarian. Provided with this diction, crucial details about the characters feelings and attitude are apparent. Furthering the readers understanding of Yossarians impact. …show more content…

The passage is in third person omniscient, providing a look into the Colonel's initial collected and logical thoughts “Colonel Cathcart was not thinking anything at all about the chaplain, but was tangled up in a new menacing problem of his own ; Yossarian!” (1). However, the Colonel quickly descends into terror whilst thinking, “He began to perspire and tremble. There was a sinister and unlikely coincidence exposed” 7). The coincidence is that three people who had cause him problems have all been named Yossarian, which the Colonel promptly frets over. “Intuition warned him that he was drawing close to some immense and inscrutable cosmic climax” (24). twhilest This kind of thinking from coincidence is irrational and written to find humor in it. This helps communicate that Yossarian has caused the Colonel to become ridiculously irrational and insecure. All of which are a negative

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