Figurative Language In A & P By John Updike

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5The story of A&P adopts the uses of figurative language by John Updike to embellish the key moments of transition of people lives, particularly in the life of Sammy. Updike utilizes the craft of imagery in his story to project the idea of "life passages." Also, Sammy undergoes a series of events that enables him to transition him as a person in his life. The main components of the story start with three girls dressed in a bikini and two-piece outfits walking into the A&P store, Queenie is the ringleader of her group. As the girls walk into the story and wander around, the conflict comes up when Sammy notices the customer 's body language and observations of disgust and shock when they see the unusual clothing outfit of the girls. The conflicts arise even more when the manager notices the girls dressed inappropriately, and scolds them when he comes up to them. As the manager asks them to leave, Sammy sees the altercation and stands up for his beliefs and the girls; resulting in the quitting of Sammy of her job due to their disagreements. 5A key moment in the story of A&P is when Sammy directly tell Lengel that he quits [his job.] When Lengel hears what Sammy says, he attempts to compromise with Sammy on his decision of quitting his job at the store. However, Sammy reinsures his stance on his decision of quitting his job, and then Lengel lets him go with a closure statement before Sammy leaves. Lengel says, "You will feel this for the rest of your life." Sammy then sets his

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