Figurative Language In Those Winter Sundays

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Fathers are often the parent who kids, especially sons, look up to and use as an inspiration. They inspire them to one day become successful in life and be able to provide for a family of their own, similar to how they, the fathers, did. This is apparent in both, the poem “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden and the image of a baby holding on to his father 's middle finger by Alex Taylor. The writer and photographer both portray the father and son relationship as one that involves a lot of sacrifice by the father in order for their sons to lead a better life, whether this be in the form of education or even just a warm home to wake up in. However, they are able to get these points across in different ways whether it be through the use of figurative languages such as imagery, …show more content…

One similarity that the image and the poem have in common is featuring cracked, dirty hands as the main image that goes through the audience 's mind while viewing these works of art. In “Those Winter Sundays”, Hayden uses imagery to get this image into the reader 's mind with the line “cracked hands that ached from labor in the weekday weather” (3-4) If the author just ended the line with “cracked hands”, the reason behind the cracked hands could have been up for debate, whether it be old age, dryness, or labour by hand. However, by mentioning the cause of the cracked hands, the reader is able to imagine a more vivid image of what the hands must look like and understand why they look like they do. It was also very important that the author mentioned this towards the beginning of the poem. If it were to be stated towards the end of the poem that the father had cracked hands, it would

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