Film Analysis Of The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby , a film that stars a man by the name of Jay Gatsby, but originally named James Gatz, who grew up in a low status household. As an officer in the war, Jay met the love of his life, Daisy, who he could not marry due to his low status and the fact that he was in the war. Later, after the war, Gatsby disguises himself as an upperclassman who rich and tries to earn Daisy back- through the effort of her cousin, Nick Carraway, who also lives next door to Gatsby- but now, happily married. The film finishes with the death of Gatsby. Midnight in Paris, a film about a man named Gil Pender, who traveled to Paris with his wife. While in Paris, Gil goes out every night at midnight and travels back to the 1920s. While he in the 1920s, Gil meets, a woman named Adriana, who was splendid at her time. Gil encountered a short romance with her. At last, Gil decides to stay in the future and confront the reality. The characters, the themes and the scenes show effectiveness of the films that represent the novel of the Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby was precisely effective throughout the film through the characters, the themes and the scenes. Baz Luhrmann’s cast selection was excellent and extremely brought the movie to life, and still adapted to the novel. Leonardo DiCaprio and other star characters made the novel come straight to life and they all acted sensationally well, from the star to the background people. They brought excitement to the film and gave us great images to

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