Compare And Contrast: The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Isabella Talamantez Ms. Tobias English III- 6th 12 January 2017 The Great Gatsby, Compared and Contrasted The Great Gatsby is a popular book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in the 1920s. Much later it was adapted into a movie that is a topic of debate because of its similarities and differences. While they both have the same storyline of a poor farmer’s son rising to riches with the aspiration of getting his dream girl, the book and movie have variations concerning details such as the materialistics and relationships. The book and movie have major similarities like their names and ages, but besides the obvious you can really get down to details. A point of similarity is the characterization of Tom and George Wilson. With Tom he is …show more content…

The actor gives Tom qualities that represent hostile behavior like how he speaks to Daisy, Nick, and even Gatsby. With George Wilson he is is characterized as a sad and hopeless man in both the book and movie. “ He was a blond, spiritless man ...and faintly handsome.” (Fitzgerald 25), this quote from the book proves that he was unstable and had no hope after Myrtle, his wife, died. This is true in the book and movie because he kills Gatsby and I believe he wouldn't have done this if he was stable and optimistic. In the movie, the actor portrays George’s attitude as sad and resentful towards Gatsby because he believes that he is the one who killed Myrtle. It is apparent with his crying and his urgency to find Gatsby in order to gain revenge. Another point of similarity is the behavior of Nick in the hotel in New York City. Tom asks Nick to accompany him to the hotel so that he may rendezvous with his mistress Myrtle, and Nick may meet her cousin. In the book and movie Nick’s character is portrayed as responsible and certainly the opposite of the others in the story but, at

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