Explain What All Happened During The First 24 Hours After Burying Grandpa

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1. What all happened during the first 24-hour period after burying Grandpa? Was this normal? During the first 24 hours since burying the Grandpa, a lot of unusual things happen. The day started of normally, they woke up packed their bags and continued on the trail. Then they found a B-88 Bomber. This was the first time they have explored an airplane. Inside they found fruit. They haven’t ate fruit in years so that was a big deal. All of a sudden they heard a jeep. It was slavers who decided to spend the night in the airplane. Stephen and his dad waited until the slaver had fallen asleep. They let the slavers go and gave them the car keys. However this woke up the slavers and they had to run away. The had to run through the rain until Stephen’s dad fell into the gorge. Then Stephen jumped in too. His dad was badly wounded and unconscious. This is not normal what so …show more content…

7. What is Mr. Tuttle’s question? Why is this significant for Stephen?

Mr. Tuttle’s question was, you appear to be intellectually capable, but the question remains: Do you want to be one of them? (Hirsch p.152) This is significant to Stephen because of this question it led him to the books. Stephen said, I crossed the park, balancing the stacks of books in my aching hand, strangely excited to start reading them”. Therefore he wants to read them. So in the end it’s important to him because the question led to him taking the books that he wants to read.

8. Why has Stephen lost his will to live?

“Marcus. Violet. My mom. Even you and me. We thought the collapse was over but it’s not. It just keeps going. It doesn’t matter where we go or what we do. Where all dead. All of us. We don’t know it yet.” (Hirsch p.209) Based on this quote I know why Stephen lost his will to live. Stephen lost his will to live because everyone around him is also dieing. His mom, grandpa and dad all died. This leads to Stephen thinking he will die too some day so there is no point in trying to survive or live

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