First Chapter Of Policing Gangs In America

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In Policing Gangs in America, Charles Katz and Vincent Webb discuss the issues that take place within American Gangs today. This book goes into great detail on how the gang officers work and the different kind of atmosphere they work in. Their job isn’t like other law enforcement jobs. It’s one of the more dangerous occupations in the Criminal Justice system. These gang officers focus on how they react to public gang issues. The chapters of the book go through different aspects of this job.
The first chapter of Policing Gangs in America it’s titled, “Studying the Police Response to Gangs.” The main reason of the chapter is to see how police departments in Inglewood, Las Vegas, Albuquerque and Phoenix, respond to their gang problems. This section …show more content…

This study is the primary purpose of the book, and it consist of what towns were deliberated, how the gang unit controlled their gangs in each of their cities, and how this material was brought to their attention. This certain data was collected through field examination, conversations with members, and reading through documents.
Chapter three goes on to talk about the “Historical Analysis of Gangs and Gang Control.” This part is essential to understanding each town’s past gang complications and how the police force responded to them around 1960 to 2000. The chapter is put into different subdivisions by city. First they talk about Inglewood, which was from 1960 to 1999. Then it goes into Albuquerque, which was also from 1960 to 1999. Las Vegas was the next city that was talked about and it was from 1980 to 1999. Lastly was Phoenix which went from 1070 to 1999. These statistics are used to show the reader the growth of gangs in …show more content…

In Inglewood, almost every neighborhood were surrounded by at least one gang. The gang unit officials said this particular city has a huge gang issue. In Albuquerque, it was somewhat different than Inglewood. These gangsters were elaborate in drug trafficking and property crimes. Seven out of eight officers believed the city had a major gang issue also. In Las Vegas, the primary cause of an increase in gang members were from people coming from different areas into this location. Around 50 percent of lawbreaking in Las Vegas is credited to gangs. These particular officers believed they had a moderate gang problem. In Phoenix, the gang issue varies from time to time. 60 to 70 percent of gang-unit marshal thought the city had a major gang concern. All this data was issued by officers and city documents.
Chapter five, “Form, Function and Management of the Police Gang Unit,” examined the police reaction to gangs by examining the structure of the units, functions, and management of specific gang officers. It also clarifies the tasks and procedures of the gang-units, for individuals to understand how a police department observes their more vital

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