Fluoride Conspiracy Essay

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Fluoride, the government’s way of saying “we don’t want you to succeed”, has been poured into the water supply by the government for years and has still gone strong. The government thought it was a great way to protect our teeth, but instead it caused more pain which brought forth the fluoride conspiracy. The fluoride conspiracy can be proven because there has been extensive research on the subject, and the side effects of fluoride are easily visible and they include lower IQ, certain cancers, and the feeling of docility. The U.S is ranked low on the totem pole of countries in terms of education and some don’t know why. The reason for this lower standard is because of Americas own screw up. They thought that fluoride could help keep teeth healthy and prevent decay; however the fluoride came back and dropped everyone’s IQ level. The U.S put the fluoride into the water…show more content…
The government wanted clean teeth, but instead got disease and death. The government wanted us to remain healthy and have fresh teeth with every drink of water, but we got sick and most had died yet they still continued with the fluoride. The people of America are sometimes too naïve to figure out what the government does to us, and some are actually smart enough to stand up to them and call them out on their mistakes. The main cause of death in America, when it comes to disease, is cancer. It ravages the American landscape and takes thousands of lives a year. Whether its breast cancer, testicular cancer, cervical cancer, leukemia, etc. there are many types of cancer that can come up and kill you whenever it wants to. Cancer is also known to be a side effect of consuming too much fluoride, and where can fluoride be found in bulk? Our very own water supply and it’s all thanks to our “fair and just”

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