Foer Dogs And Parks Analysis

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Foer's essay analyzes his city's complex civic situation regarding dogs and parks "...On December 5th the Board of Health will vote..." (Foer 214). That situation initiated a conversation about his dog and then a more broader conversation on human/animal relationships "Our various struggles-to communicate, to recognize and accommodate each other's desires-simply to coexist..." (Foer 215). Foer states that dogs perhaps don't belong in the city "it's easy to forget just how strange it is that dogs live in New York in the first place" (Foer 214). Given that the city has such limited open-space this might actually be true and it gives readers a sense of what what dogs in urban areas have to deal with. He then reveals to us the negative things his dog George does "As it turns out, she[George] is a major pain an awful lot of time... She mounts guess, eats my son's toys, is obsessed with squirrels..." ( Foer 214-215).…show more content…
The author restates the fact that dogs learn to make do with what is given them in New York City "Our [walk] together is a bit of conversation for the the burdens of civilization..." (Foer 215). In his main point, Foer his opinion on our relationships with animals. On how as we age our "warm and benevolent relationship with animals" becomes "cruel" (Foer 215-216). Is Foer saying that everyone should immediately become vegetarians? No, that's a bit extreme. But is he saying that we should stop being hypocritical in our correlation with
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