Food Inc Health Effects

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In our world today food and health has become an extremely important factor. It has come to many of people’s consideration that they actually don’t know anything about the food they are consuming on a day to day basis. The films supersize me and Food Inc. discover these social problems and they do it in an amazing way. Both films use measures to give the viewer a look at how shocking health effects can be caused by fast food or even through the uses of today’s factories. Looking through the lens of a mass communications major, one can say that the idea of public relations is strongly associated in the two films, by informing, persuading and using real life events to bring forth this significant importance of health and its risks to an audience. …show more content…

The documentary Food Inc., made in 2008, had a central objective to make known the various hidden facts about the food that is being sold and bought within the stores that purchasers grocery shop in. “Chickens are being raised in half the time they were in 1950s (49 days vs. 3 months), but even in half the time they are ending up twice as big (thanks to antibiotics, among other things)” (Some Highlights from the Food). The film not only speaks, but it also enlightens viewers on the file treatment of the farm animals. “A Tyson Chicken farmer says the chickens never even see sunlight – they are kept day and night in chicken houses with no windows”(Some Highlights from the Food). The animals are kept and raised while held in tight spaces and packed with different antibiotics. "When livestock producers administer antibiotics routinely to their flocks and herds, bacteria can develop resistance, thrive and even spread to our communities, contributing to the larger problem of antibiotic resistance”(Report Examines Antibiotics). For example, when E-Coli was found out to be the cause of many sick adults and children, and some deaths, the investigation then took place and was found that the farms where the cows were being raised was so unhealthy and unclean that the animals were standing in their own feces. The film also informs the audience with the devastating news of E-Coli being in circulation from the cows standing in their own feces and then being cut into large pieces of meat without being fully cleaned. Because of this, the feces unfortunately got into the meat and had been eaten by the consumers. One can say that these stories were not revealed to shatter companies in the food industry but to inform. Most companies would rather this information be kept a secret, but little do they know that one way or another the news would be released and would get out to the

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