Fool In The Crucible

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History shows the inevitability that people will deliberately blame others for one of the two major reasons: his/her own satisfaction or the good of the whole. In his novel The Crucible, Arthur Miller calls these types of people “a proctor” and “a fool.” A proctor is an assertive, respected man. Unlike a fool, a proctor’s reputation is not the most important thing to him. A fool is the complete opposite of a proctor. A fool is a proud, villainous person who puts their reputation above all others. Common people tend to fear proctors because they stand out from the crowd. A proctor is his own man. He will do what he wants despite other people's opinions. A proctor can be found in any account of history or situation.
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A proctor does not make decisions based on his reputation. He makes decisions based on his morals. It is his enemy who finds fault in a proctor to better his/her own reputation. Society – in the past, present, and future – will fabricate stories around the proctor in order to “protect” it. In Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Wickham is an example of an evil-minded man who calls calumny on an innocent man. Elizabeth prided herself for being a “good judge of character” in the beginning of the novel. Mr. Wickham overhears Elizabeth’s prejudice against Mr. Darcy. He then begins a scheme to worsen Mr. Darcy’s reputation through Elizabeth’s perspective. Mr. Wickham deceives Elizabeth into believing that Mr. Darcy had defrauded Mr. Wickham out of money promised by Mr. Darcy’s father. In reality, Mr. Wickham is a man of debt due to his excessive gambling with tradesmen. Elizabeth then learns that the prior summer, Mr. Wickham made an attempt to elope with Mr. Darcy’s sister to obtain her dowry. Elizabeth immediately realizes that Mr. Wickham is an evil man who only thinks about himself. Mr. Wickham fabricated a false narrative about Darcy so Elizabeth would “expose” him. Mr. Wickham bases his decisions on his bad reputation and excessive debt. Because of Mr. Darcy, Mr. Wickham remains in debt to every tradesman in the country. This is why Darcy is a target for Mr. Wickham to

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