Fear And Ignorance In The Crucible

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“The Crucible” is a novel by Arthur Miller that focuses on what fear and ignorance can do in society. This book is a tragic tale in which the other woman, Abigail Williams, seeks vengeance when her lover, John Proctor, turns from her and back to his wife, Elizabeth. Abigail is the most responsible for the deaths that occurred during this time because she was the ringleader of all the young girls during this witchcraft escapade. Although she is guilty for these crimes, she does not feel remorse for it, except perhaps her lover getting caught in the crossfire. Reverend John Hale, the self proclaimed witch expert, feels the most guilt due to the fact that he was the one who signed off on the death warrants. The whole witchcraft situation began …show more content…

It wasn’t simply any love though, it was her need for a married man, John Proctor. This desire drove her mad as she clung to any chance to have him as her own. “Proctor: … [Abigail] thinks to dance with me on my wife’s grave! …” (pg 10). She was ready to destroy anyone and everyone who got in her way and she very well did. Reverend Hale was misled and used his ‘knowledge’ of the “unnatural world” unknowingly for evil. “… Reverend Hale conceived himself much as a young doctor on his first call. His painfully acquired armory of symptoms, catchwords, and diagnostic procedures are now to be put to use at last.” (pg 36). He was so eager in the beginning to use this singular and rare knowledge that it blinded him from the possibility of this whole ordeal being a hoax. In a way he is a victim to Abigail’s charades as well. Later on, he finally realized what was going on and attempted to end it all. “Hale: I believe him! pointing to Abigail: This girl has always struck me as false!…” Meanwhile, Abigail and one of her accomplices is on a ship headed to Barbados. “Parris: Excellency, I think [Abigail and Mercy Lewis] be aboard a ship… My daughter tells me how she heard them speaking of ships last week, and tonight I discover my strongbox is broke into…” (pg 126). Abigail is most guilty of all characters portrayed not only for her actions but for the lack of acknowledgement that she had done wrong as

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