Football Vs Rugby Essay

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Football in the long run ,is a lot more dangerous than rugby. Before every football season i come to my school extra early in the morning to watch a concussion video, but during the video my coaches and even trainers make it abruptly clear that it is important to report if you think you have a concussion. What you may not about these meetings is that the conversation about what is an concussion is just as long as the conversation as what isn’t. The reason concussions are such a prominent issue in football is the equipment. In rugby players do not wear shoulder pads, girdles,knee pads,or anything close to a football helmets. Without any “protection” you may be wondering how it could be safer. In rugby their protection is in the technique.…show more content…
While rugby teams are smaller compared to football teams players are better used throughout the course of the game. In football there are usually twenty-two starters. In rugby there are fifthteen, but starters in football have to play every time their unit is on the field. Rugby on the other hand thrives on substitution. “An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force” Isaac Newton. The first law of physics is the perfect example of the up side of rugby style substituting, as studies show that short breaks keep adrenaline levels from decreasing which keeps performance at a high level. In football it’s an unstable cycle of high adrenaline followed by long breaks. Which leads to players having highs and lows throughout the game. Also high intensity followed by relaxation then straight back to a high intensity level can had its effects. Cramps, stingers, muscle spasms and serious injury happen in the course of any football game that follows this pattern. For all of these reasons and more rugby is a better safer option compared to football. Football can preach safety all it wants, but once your child starts playing they will learn that you must be a heartless head hunter to be a star. To recap rugby is a fast paced game based on strategy in a way it 's a gentle men 's football. The point of this paper is to make you think twice before picking a sport. Also i do hope rugby becomes more popular
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