Foreshadowing In Mississippi Morning

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In this historical fiction story, “Mississippi Morning”, the goal was to inform about the racial conflicts that occurred in the 1930s through an entertaining piece of literature. The story is most intriguing to kids, yet also modern adults. Historical persons such as the KKK are used in this fictional piece. The story is written around the idea that hidden truths can alter a personal relationship. The story achieves this moral through revealing that a little boy’s father is a member of a gang. The protagonist in this story is a boy named James William, who the story is being seen and told through. In using sequence of events, the author hooks the reader to the story, revealing bits of action until the climax of the story is unleashed. Conflicts shown in sentences like, “They …show more content…

Some of these literary devices found in the story are revealing to the end, “I couldn't imagine one of my papa’s friends wearing a pointed hood, or a white robe.” This foreshadow leads the reader to thinking that his father might be a Klan member. Dialogue between James and his friends reveal some foreshadowing, shown in the quote some lines above. The reader is constantly waiting to see what happens next. ‘“Yes this is my son,” he’d brag to anyone in an earshot.”’ Indirect characterization directs the reader to inferring that the father is an aggrandizer, and is also proud of what he has. Zee uses figurative language to intensify the vibe of scenes like, “my heart drummed in my chest.” The syntax and diction used in the story help progress the story along, as do the stock characters LeRoy, and Charles/Red. using vocabulary the reader is not familiar with also keeps the reader attracted to the story. LeRoy is revealed as to being black, and Wiliam is white. Imagery used in phrases like “The rising sun filtered through the muggy air, In the morning haze,” Give the reader a look at the scene through a visual

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