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Forgotten Tales Droopy eyelids. Sandy caruncles. Sheet-marked skin. Bent and disfigured hair. The aftermath of living a fantasy, a story that would go down in the history books. The people, the places, the actions… all wrapped up in five minutes, but also involuntarily forgotten. Why are dreams that extravagant? Instead of lasting a couple hours and full of mediocre events, they will contain celebrities, in places I’ve never been, doing things that would make national news. Although dreams are disregarded and forgotten, they tell a story about what is going through a person’s mind subconsciously. Turns out that our minds work just as hard when in rest as to when they are awake. But quite simply, why? Why do we have dreams? It’s more complex …show more content…

Stress, mostly emotional, is a big cause. The other two are trauma and fear. Studies show that people who have been through “traumatic experiences are often plagued by fear and anxiety even while they sleep” (Taub). More often than not, nightmares linger in the minds of those who have gone through a traumatic experience at one time or another. Fear and anxiety infest brains leading to many more nightmares than the average citizen. These dreams don’t work out as many issues as a normal dream might; however, it is still a way of dealing with it. Although a pain and an annoyance, these nightmares are just as much of a necessity for a healthy brain. What’s the bottom line on dreams? Why are they such a vital part to our sleep patterns? Considering they would have been eradicated and adapted to if we didn’t need them, it’s safe to say that dreams are important. In more ways than one they help us with our own decisions. The dreams and nightmares work out what needs to happen or at least what is desired for one person. We need dreams. So before the appointment for a sleep doctor is scheduled in order to eliminate dreams, consider this: if the mind helps with making decisions consciously, what’s the big deal with the support now being

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