Foster Care Adoption Essay

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One huge issue in the state of Georgia is adoption and foster care. Children are adopted and put into foster care because either their parents could not take care of them or because they became an orphan. The biggest issue is the children are being treated unfairly in their new home.
As of 2006, 510,00 kids have been either put into foster care or adopted. Out of 510,000 children, 22,500 are abused. Both adopted kids and foster kids are being sexually abused, physically abused, and mentally abused. Because there is not enough money to properly help children get decent families, they are sent to where they can simply find space. These children can be helped and given a better family if more funding is possible. With more funding, families can have a background check done to check their records. This will help see if the family has any assault or rape charges. Also people become adoptive parents or foster parents simply because of the federal assistance. While on federal assistance, families can receive: food stamps, section eight housing, welfare, and Medicaid. Because it is easy to
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H.R.2449 was introduced on May 5,2015. According to, Every Child Deserves a Family Act will “prohibit adoption or foster care placement service entities that receive federal assistance (or that contract with entities receiving such assistance) from using the sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status of a prospective adoptive or foster parent, or from using the sexual orientation or gender identity of the child, to: (1) deny a person the opportunity to become an adoptive or foster parent; (2) delay or deny the placement of a child for adoption or into foster care; or (3) require different or additional screenings or procedures for adoptive or foster placement decisions, including whether to seek the termination of birth parent rights or to make a child legally available for adoptive

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