Foster Parent Research Paper

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The first step in creating family reunification is forming case plan goals, objections, and court orders. Step 2, Progression of visits. As time passes and the child remain in foster care, visits between the child and birth parents will steadily increase in frequency and moderation. It's not uncommon for visits to move from supervised, weekly visits to monitored, weekly visits to unsupervised, weekly visits. Then they will progress from overnights and weekends to several days in a row. The visits are often increased as birth parents complete court orders, and have shown to be appropriate during previous supervised and monitored visits. Step 3, Court review of case plan goals. Court dates give the judge a chance to review the completion of court orders and read reports from the social workers, and foster parents on how the case is progressing and how the parents and children are handling the different transitions. …show more content…

As a foster parent, you help with family reunification through the following actions: role model appropriate parenting skills to the birth parents at visits, at teacher meetings, and doctor appointments, help the child manage behaviors through positive discipline, help the child process grief and loss, work with the child to meet educational and developmental milestones, give feedback to the social workers, transport the child to all doctor appointments, visits, and therapies, be actively supportive of the reunification process. As a foster parent, you help with family reunification. Step 5, Easing back into family reunification through visitation. The increase in visits leads into a natural transition of the child returning back home. This process may take several

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