Francis Of Assisi Courage

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It takes a lot of courage to do tough acts. Courage is the act of doing an act that most people are afraid to do. An example of a courageous act is protecting a classmate that no one really likes from bullies. Everyone does a courageous act every now and then, but people rarely do extremely courageous acts. Saint Francis of Assisi was a person who showed great courage. Saint Francis of Assisi was poor and small in size. Many people followed him because he did exactly what Jesus did. He didn’t worry about how this would impact and he did them joyfully. He had an illness when he was young, so he used his spare time to pray. God talked to him in prayers. He wanted to be a missionary in Africa, but was unable to because of his illness. He lived a relatively short life; he died at age 44. The action that he did while he was sick was very courageous. He is one of the most known saints today. Saint Maximilian Kolbe was another person who showed courage throughout his life. He was born 1910 in Poland, but the area in now in Ukraine. Maximilian was ordained at age 24 and started to fight against lack of interest in religion. He made many organizations to fight this and had hundreds of members. Max was arrested twice. He was first arrested …show more content…

She became a sister at age 18 and went on to teach history and geography to kids of wealthy parents. She later heard a call for her to help the poor around her since she was in a relatively poor area. She worked tirelessly for decades devoting herself to the poor. She won a Nobel Prize for her works and died at age 87 in 1997. She showed a lot of courage in her life. Most people wouldn’t want to put that much time and effort into helping others. She was very courageous. My mom has showned great courage this school year. She put together the school auction this year that raised around $45,000 for our school. My mom put in many hours into the auction and it payed off. She showed lot of

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