Free North Industrialization

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Henry W. Bellows, author of “The New West and Free North,” believed that America was content in being the home of moral supporting establishments; the house of liberty. Market revolution was an economic transformation. It occurred in America during the first half of the nineteenth century. Previously, America was a land of agriculture. The market revolution recognized that major changes occurred through manufacturing industrialism, and the new inventions of the cotton gin, and the grain reaper.
Industrialization is something that was once accomplished with muscle power, and now would be done with machinery. Early factories were built in the United States due to Samuel Slater. In 1820 an entire factory town was built in Lowell, Massachusetts, and was completed. The industrial manufacture was a textile factory that produced clothing. Majority of the workers in the factories were women, so
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When a country industrializes one of the first items they produce is clothing, because it is a basic necessity. One raw material is wool and another is cotton. Britain will have a growing demand for cotton, but the climate is no good to produce cotton. Soon, the United States will start to produce cotton, so America can make a lot of money by producing cotton, but first there comes a problem with cotton. Which will be seeds, the seeds will need to be removed before they can turn the cotton into clothing. One person taking seeds out of cotton would produce about a pound of cotton a day and that would not be efficient. Eli Whitney an inventor and engineer in the 1790’s invented the cotton gin that expanded in the south. The cotton gin was a machine that removed the seeds from the cotton. The cotton engine produced fifty pounds of cotton a day versus muscle labor by hand with one individual producing one pound a day. The cotton gin was major increase efficiency in cotton
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