Compare And Contrast The Economy After The War Of 1812 And The Era Of Good Feelings

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Following the War of 1812 and the Era of Good Feelings, an overwhelming feeling of new beginnings, reform, and innovation signaled a new beginning in American History. In this new era, the Market Revolution or the 1st Industrial Revolution brought forth new changes in industry including steam powered engines as well as a boom in the textile industry and a development of simple machines needed to work the new tasks. However, due to bigger issues on hand including the inhumane use of slaves to harvest the cotton needed for the northern manufacturers and new work laws and uprisings with women laborers, the first Industrial Revolution was not as strong and powerful in retrospect. However, after the Civil War ended new and improved innovations, industries, and …show more content…

Additionally, due to the railroads being built all across America, new raw materials were able to be moved from city to city allowing for rapid industrial and manufacturing growth which America always was challenged of since its break from Britain. The industrial revolution following the Civil War also differed as agriculture began to become more valuable to a developing nation. For instance, whereas before farmers were isolated from one another and lived in separate homes, due to the reliance of the nation to use the profits derived from agriculture to get more money to buy manufacturing goods stimulating industry more farmers began to move to the cities changing their lives completely. Due to the decrease in the agricultural, scattered, and isolated communities in the Midwest, America was able to become a more compact economic, independent, and industrial powerhouse. For generations, America had relied on old-fashioned, traditional ways of creating

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