Freedom Leaders: Martin Luther King Jr.

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Didi Refaey

“We must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools.” (Martin Luther King) The people and the leaders needed to have one big voice so they all came together and made a difference. The freedom riders had came together with Martin Luther King's group so that they could make a change.The people and the leaders needed each other to fight for Civil Rights. The freedom riders were a group of college students that risked their education and lives to ride the greyhound busses and make a change.The people took a stand by riding a Greyhound bus, even though the busses were segregated they still got on the the busses to show that they can fight for what they want in life. They risked their education and lives to make a change by boarding the buses. They say that Martin Luther King did all the work but I say it was both. Therefor people did anything to make a change just like the leaders.
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Without the leaders the people would not have have made a difference, they would have gotten heard a little bit but not as much as they got herd when everyone joined together in 1963. The leaders gave the people a path to having a bigger voice. They say that only the people had power but I say that they both had the power. Without each other they wouldnt have made a difference. Therefore if it weren't for the leaders the people would have been everywhere instead of being together and have one big
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