Freedom Of Speech: The Root Cause For Utilitarianism

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In a time where Freedom of Speech has caused many controversial debates, it has become essential to understand the value of this freedom in our society. Although Freedom of Speech certainly comes with its downsides, it plays a necessary function to humans in nature as well as our government because it allows for moral comparisons and subjectivity. “Whatever can be proved to be good, must be so by being shown to be as a means to something admitted to be good without proof”, (Mill p.3). Here Mill begins to introduce the root cause for utilitarianism, which he depicts in this section as the ideology to follow whatever action benefits the majority. He does so by supporting the notion that disagreement and scrutiny between moral beliefs allows for the endeavor to seek the greater good. In essence, due to the fact that we have the ability to freely express a moral belief that may be wrong or right it’s the ability to subject that belief to an opposing view that validates truth. This leads me to my main argument that Freedom of Speech enables two divergent moral beliefs to determine what is good or bad. It would only makes sense that in a utilitarian society the ability to decipher what is good moral beliefs from bad on a holistic societal level is imperative to the theory of utilitarianism. Although many may say there is not much to learn from having a wrong moral belief, Mill would argue conversely. In simpler terms each side to an argument may be wrong or right, however
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