Friar Is To Blame For Romeo And Juliet's Death

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Friar put forth the plan to fake Juliet’s death, which made Romeo kill himself and Juliet kill herself. When the plan was in action Friar was thinking of a way that Romeo and Juliet can see each other. So, Friar came up with Juliet drinking a potion that could bring many dangers. The poison makes anyone who drinks it seems as if they are dead. Juliet agreed to the plan and Friar said,”Let not the nurse lie with lee in the chamber.” Friar also said, “Take thou this vial, being in bed.” This means to take the poison when she is all alone. Another reason why Friar is to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s death is that he was the one that agreed to help them. “For, by your leaves, you shall not stay alone,” said Frier. Friar says ” Till Holy …show more content…

Also making it secretly without the other families knowing. “ O’she knew thy love did read by rote, that could not spell. But come, young waverer, come go with me, In one respect I’ll thy assistant be.” This means that Friar agrees with Romeo in marrying him to Juliet because he is saying that he thinks he knows how to end the feud. To Friar, he thinks it will help the families but really made it a big secret. Another reason why Friar should be blamed is when he said to be patient when Friar found out that Romeo was banished. He also said “ The same should be the voice of Friar John. Welcome from Mantua. What says, Romeo? Or, if his mind is writ, give me his letter.” When Friar says this he thinks the message has reached Romeo that tells him the plan. Instead of getting a good message back from Friar John, all Friar Lawrence got back was a disappointment. Friar Lawrence was disappointed because the message never even made its way to Romeo. So, Friar’s plan is backfiring because that means Romeo really thinks that Juliet is dead. If Romeo got the message from Friar John then Romeo would not think that Juliet is actually dead and want to kill

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