Friar Laurence Guilty Of Involuntary Manslaughter

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Is Friar Laurence Guilty Of Involuntary Manslaughter Amidst the chaos in the city of Verona. Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet are dead. These tragic lovers met their demise when they committed suicide. It wasn't the families that caused the deaths, it was Friar Laurence. Friar Laurence is guilty of endangerment of teens and involuntary manslaughter. His actions contributed to the tragic death of Romeo and Juliet, his complicated plans to unite the lovers sadly went awry. The quote "love has no boundaries" in this case it didn't, love had boundaries and it was the two families. No man and woman were allowed to marry in each other's household. Friar Laurence married the lovers in secrecy without their parents' knowledge. He was optimistic about how the marriage can unite the warring families together. He was hesitant about the young couple's love but he was overcome with his idea. This action contributed to the death of Romeo and Juliet. The Friar aided a convicted felon, Romeo, who had been banished from Verona for killing Tybalt. Romeo was about to kill himself until Friar …show more content…

The purpose of this plan was to help Juliet out of her marriage to Paris and unite her with Romeo back in Mantua. To execute the plan , Friar Laurence gave Juliet a weird potion, that will make her appear dead for forty two hours. Since she will appear dead, the Capulet family will have no choice left, but to burry Juliet in the tomb of Capulets. There she will lie there only to be woken up the Friar and Romeo. Cliché as it might sound, the plan ultimately failed due to misunderstanding and a message not delivered to Romeo. Due to that, Romeo then proceeded to take his life to be with Juliet even though she was still alive. Romeo and Juliet committed suicide in the tomb of Capulets only minutes apart. Subsequently Friar flees so his plan is never found

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