Friar Lawrence Responsible For The Death Of Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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“All are punished!” Prince Escalus proclaims that, through the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, everyone is punished for the sin of the Montague/Capulet feud. Not all characters deserved this punishment although many characters had a hand in the tragic demise of the young lovers. Undoubtedly, Friar Lawrence, did hold primary responsibility for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. He married them, gave a solution, and gave Juliet a vile for fake death, In addition he wrote a letter not thinking about the problems of the plan. Friar Lawrence is responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Because Friar Lawrence chose to marry them. He didn’t have to marry them, so they didn’t have to be together. They wouldn’t have ran into those problems of them of them already being married. So then Juliet could have married Paris. None of them would have to hide the marriage. …show more content…

“You can wrestle with death to escape from shame. And if you dare to do it , I’ll give you a solution.” Friar made a plan so Juliet doesn’t have to marry Paris but the solution didn’t work as planned. Friar made made the plan before he thought about the consequences that would happen.Friar’s plan didn’t work as well because he didn’t think through about his timing.Friar should've thought more about his timing to make the plan work like getting the letter to Romeo himself. Friar was the one who gave the solution to Juliet therefor Friar was

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