Garfinkel's Experiment: Breaking Social Behavior

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Garfinkel in my opinion was a sociological genius, because he took something undetected and made it detectable. It seems silly to perform an experiment on how people act daily, but this type of work made it possible for others to understand and even break away from social norms. Background assumptions according to Garfinkel are all about how we perceive the world around us by doing what is expected in everyday situations. For example, if you were to walk into a fancy restaurant wearing a T-shirt and jeans, you are breaking a social norm. This leaves the people around you questioning your judgement and character. In other words, by breaking these norms, we are testing society in a way that many wouldn’t think twice about until it is brought to their attention. I started this experiment on January 30th and carried it out until today January 3rd. On Tuesday the 30th I decided to do my normal routine of grocery shopping. I picked a different store to shop at since I knew I would be breaking social norms and did not want people who see me twice a week to wonder why I was acting out of the ordinary. Upon arriving I did what I always do first, grabbed my shopping cart. This time however, I decided to begin pushing it backwards throughout the entire store. The first few minutes no one around me seemed to notice until I made it down the canned goods isle. There were two women and one male all separately shopping for their necessities. I decided to stop for a second to grab a few

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