Personal Narrative: The Salt Epidemic Poem

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The Salt Epidemic

I loved to travel it was always a was a way for me to get away from the stressful life of school and sports competing to take up the most time meaning I get no time to pretty much rest. But this trip was way different than any other trip I went on the usual trip was relaxing and fun just spending time with either my mom or my dad. But this trip had a different vibe to it we were going to florida with more people than just me mom and my brother Aidan it was seven people coming counting us so I figured I would have no space but I was not aware that I would be picked on by two kids younger than me but they knew I would not strike them or hurt them in anyway so there was going to be some problems if I didn’t straighten them up and teach them how to act like adults. The night that I finally snapped was on saturday the final …show more content…

I was still wet because I had just hopped out of thee shower so some of the sand clung to my body and made a nightmare of trying to get off because I was in my fancy clothes a aqua blue golf shirt and khaki shorts that are brown but after the sand was poured it was a camo khaki shorts not plain brown. After I finally got the sand out of my hair and off my pants we finally arrived after the thirty minute ride to the restaurant.

I thought that maybe that was all they would do because that was the only thing that I saw them bring so we went in at 7:30 pm and got our food between eight ten and eight fifteen I ordered my favorite thing the ribs which came with two racks instead of one so my brother asked for the rack I wanted and he always gets what he wants so he got the ones I wanted and the rest of the kids hated what they got and each got two ribs so I had about four ribs to eat and nothing else so Aidan bragged and bragged about how good they are and was at my point of no return of how angry I

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