Personal Narrative-Willamette River

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We arrive at the Willamette River. The boats in the water and we have a difficult time trying to start it you can smell the very strong fumes from the exhaust of the boat as it's trying to start .We get the boat started and off we go for a little ride, it was time to go wakeboarding so I strapped on my boots and jumped in the water. The water was a little choppy so it would be difficult to ride it was around 11 am and the water was still a little cold and made me shiver. I was waiting in the water for a few minutes while they were getting the wake rope attached to the boat. They throw me the rope and now I start to wakeboard. It's all going nice and smooth I'm having a great time, I'm still learning how to wakeboard so I'm not that experienced yet, I’m starting to learn how to jump the wake. I get a few jumps in and fall a couple times. But I keep get back up and keep trying, this time, I felt that I should try and go a little faster and try to clear the whole wake, I pull into the wake as quick as a can and I try and jump, but I jump a little too early and my wakeboard catches on the wake and I’m starting to fly in the air. I turn my face away …show more content…

As the boat pulls up I quickly untie my boots and get onto the boat. As soon as I closed my left eye the cut opened up even more and then blood was gushing out of my face, everyone one on the boat is looking at me in a panic, I can't see how bad it is so I'm freaking out, there asking me questions like are you feeling dizzy? Are you feeling okay? but my head is just thrusting in pain. My brother gave me his shirt so I can put it over and try and stop the bleeding, as soon as we pull up to the boat dock there are people and they're all staring, luckily there was an off-duty firefighter who was on the dock and he helped me get it wrapped up and told me I was going to need

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